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Luxury Car Auto Detailing

The exterior of your vehicle needs to be cleaned and protected from the environment. Sun, road oil and tar, winds, dirt, bird drippings, bugs, tree sap, rain, ocean mist, etc. will deteriorate the paint, chrome and rubber surfaces of your vehicle. We can remove the honeydew sap that drips onto your vehicle from Santa Clara's Modesto Ash, Raywood Ash, Tulip, Sycamore, Holly Oak, Hackberry and Maple Tree's.

The interior of your vehicle also needs regular attention to keep it looking new. Leather needs conditioning. Food and drink spills, dirt and dust need to be cleaned from the seats, carpet, console, headliner, vents and windows. Smoke and pet odors need to be removed.

We take a great deal of pride in our work and insist on using purified water as well as the highest quality products. We will improve the condition, appearance and protection of your vehicle and look forward to providing you with all your entire automotive detailing needs.

Call us today so we can make your car sparkle like new.